Monday, 20 August 2012

Assange: New Offer of Asylum!
Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange has been offered asylum in the Black Horse public house in Melbourn. He was smuggled out of the Ecuadorean embassy and arrived in Melbourn late last night. In this exclusive interview given to SagaLouts TV today he seemed somewhat surprised at the temperature of the beer but still managed to consume 18 pints.When asked how he felt to be in Melbourn Assange replied  "Its good to be home mate but its changed a lot, where are the gum trees and Koalas?" Clearly Mr Assange had not realised that he was in Melbourn South Cambridgeshire.  When this was explained to him he said "I thought that was a bloody short flight mate". The interview ended with Mr Assange asking where he could find the dunny, "I'm bursting for a wikileak mate" were his final words.

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